Below is a list of the most recent UK Minifootball news headlines. Click the appropriate link to see the full news article.

Word ‘minifootball’ to be dropped
Friday October 27, 2017

We are set for a rebrand

Here She Goes Again
Monday October 23, 2017
A lesson in democracy from Andrea Molnar. You couldn't make it up. Except she has.
SFX Signs Up Again
Thursday October 19, 2017

Premiere facility in Liverpool gets the nod

UK or GB – You Decide?
Thursday October 19, 2017

You don't even need to be a real association to be in the EMF anymore

Hi Energy Wales In High Quality Kit
Tuesday August 15, 2017
Wales take delivery of training tops
Star Referees
Monday July 24, 2017
UKMA refs are the stars of the show
Starbucks Off To Sixes Thanks To Wales
Friday July 14, 2017

Wales sponsors given tickets as a thank you

St's alive
Thursday May 11, 2017
Merseyside Centre signs on for another year
Soccer City Sitting Pretty
Monday May 8, 2017
Huddersfield venue signs on
Trinity Signs On For Another Year
Wednesday April 12, 2017
Trinity is accredited for 2017